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Bellus 580 Power Sloop
Bellus 580 Power Sloop
Bellus 580Bellus 580 The Bellus 580: has been on the market since 1984 and has continuously been modernised. This splendid, traditional sloop has a powerful 11 or 25 hp Vetus diesel engine at its disposal. Apart from that a 4 hp electric version is available.

A perfect athwartship stability, excellent comfort and remarkable navigation-qualities are the characteristics of the Bellus 580. The sloop is entirely made of polyester in a double-walled construction and is fully seaworthy. Appropriate for rough water therefore, which makes the 580 an extraordinarily comfortable and stable boat, especially in quiet canals and inland waterways.

Partly thanks to the electrically adjustable trim boards, the most powerful version of the Bellus 580 reaches speed peaks up to 19 knots. Watching a traditional sloop pass by at such a speed is a spectacular sight indeed.

The Bellus 580 is already particularly complete in its basic version. But it is obvious that on your request, we will be pleased to provide it with all the luxury you desire. Whatever version you choose for: the Bellus 580 is beautiful, sturdy and all Dutch craftsmanship from top to bottom! Time for a trial run. You are cordially welcome!
Bellus 580 Power SloopBellus 580 Power SloopBellus 580 Power SloopBellus 580 Power Sloop