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Jachtwerf Daniël History
Jachtwerf Daniël 1888Jachtwerf DaniëlJachtwerf Daniël

Yacht Dockyard Daniël is a firm with a history indeed. Today it is renowned all over The Netherlands as a dockyard, a water sports shop, wholesale company and dealer of Bellus-sloops. But at the time of the foundation in Boskoop in 1921, steam boilers and machinery were the de core-business. Ad successful it was, more and more often bargemen and dockyards came knocking on the firmís door. In 1952 the company therefore expanded in Hazerswoude, but the steam era was already at its end then. Thatís why Daniël switched to the production of steel bodies of motor cruisers for pleasure cruising in 1963.

Yacht Dockyard Daniël moved house again to the actual location at the Heimans Wetering in Alphen aan den Rijn. In 1984 it was contacted by ship- and engine constructor Vetus, to take care of the sales and the clientsí service of the recently developed Bellus sloop. Since then Bellus and Yacht Dockyard Daniël are inseparably united. In the meantime the production department has moved to Flevo Mouldings in Emmeloord, where Yacht Dockyard Daniël owns the moulds and the right. By tradition, the final assembly and the sales take place in Alphen aan den Rijn.

The water sports shop offers the most extensive technical assortment in the Randstad. Moreover, since 1999 Yacht Dockyard Daniël has been the Wholesale business for Vetus products and it supplies water sports firms and yacht dockyards.

Jachtwerf DaniëlJachtwerf DaniëlJachtwerf DaniëlJachtwerf Daniël